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Look Around Our Neighborhood


on May 18, 2015


Over the last couple weeks, we have learned a lot about what happens inside the QUALITANCE offices, now it’s time to step outside and get to know the bustling neighborhood it inhabits. We polled several members of the staff and asked them to submit their favorite shops, tasty treats and hangouts in the area. To make sure we got the whole scoop, we sent a couple of undercover agents (Sorana + Ioana) out to test these claims and determine if each location was really the best. Whether you are looking for the best coffee in Bucharest or simply a place to take a break, these hotspots will not let you down!

Come on! Let’s go for a walk…

French Bakey Opera

Best Coffee in Town: French Bakery

French Bakery is home to, as Sorana puts it, “the best and creamiest cappuccino in town”. There are quite a few locations in Bucharest, and each one boasts with freshly made, never frozen, pastries and desserts. The smell of fresh coffee invites many QUALITANCE employees to come in and grab a hot drink or a treat on their way to work.

What to Order: Cappuccino, Muffin aux bananes and amande, Cake genoise au chocolat

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